February, 2009

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Best Mold Q.A. Anywhere

The best place on the internet to ask your mold question and answers is at http://byebyemold.com Of course, before you jump in and ask a question, check out the questions that have already been asked. Search the database Ask a question Request a consultation (CA) Bookmark on Delicious Digg thisRead More

Hotel Mold

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The Latest in Mold Detectors

Mold testing and lab reports are all very fine, but one of the latest mold detecting technology has been around for a very long time. Dogs. Dogs can detect mold by scent better than we can; they have more than 200 million scent receptors (as compared to our 5 million)Read More

Senator Tours Moldy Courthouse

Thanks to a US senator, the General Services Administration is going to be looking into conditions at the Sam M. Gibbons Federal Courthouse. Maintenance work has been scheduled but the progress appears to have halted. Dodging moldy buckets set out to collect rainwater, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson toured the moldRead More

Addressing environmental Health Implications

Addressing environmental health Implications of mold exposure after major flooding. Does all of this seem painfully obvious to anyone who lives in the real world? I suppose it is a good thing that at least some scientific expertise is being pointed toward the problems presented in mold exposure. Read onRead More

Got Mold Event in the Moldy Pacific Northwest

Wednesday at the World Trade Center in Portland, speakers focused on preventing and removing mold, properly identifying samples and reducing legal liability. Builders and remediators struggle with the mold issue, because with mold, you can take out 99.999 percent of the particles, and the .001 percent that does survive willRead More

Curse of the Sulfuric Drywall

Where is YOUR drywall from? It’s not mold, but… Apparently there’s a Chinese-manufactured drywall which corrodes air conditioner coils. Or more specifically drywall offgassing that is so caustic it corrodes air conditioner coils. (Kind of like my assistant’s ex. But that’s another post.) This particular chinese export appears to beRead More

Books Evacuated for Mold

In Texas, they’re serious about their books. When mold was found in the Godeke Library (Lubbock Texas), they shut down the library and they’re porting out the 80,000 books and things (with the assistance of the inmates of Lubbock County Jail) so that the extent of the mold can beRead More

Did Hospital Mold Help Kill These Kids?

Almost the only thing that the medical profession will concede about mold is that weakened immune systems are more susceptible to infection. The buck almost stops there–because medical science in general is reluctant to discuss mold in terms with health. However, when the person in question is a child–especially aRead More

Indoor allergens, environmental avoidance, and allergic respiratory disease.

Indoor allergen exposure to sources such as house-dust mites, pets, fungi, and insects plays a significant role in patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma. The identification of the major allergens has led to methods that can quantitate exposure, e.g., immunoassays for Der p 1 in settled dust samples. Sensitization andRead More