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Orange County Records Turning to Blue Cheese

Oldie moldy records are something of a cliche, but apparently in the land of Goshen (Orange County), old mortgage records are literally molding. So apparently now that this has been discovered, the basement records room has been closed for cleaning. … Continue reading

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Hearst Elementary School Classes Cancelled Due to Mold

As exposure can lead to nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation, fever and shortness of breath, the first day of school at Hearst Elementary School in Pleasanton was cancelled due to mold. Mold was found between stucco and … Continue reading

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School vs Mold in Mt. Vernon

Condensation has created mold in some classrooms of the afflicted G building of Mt. Vernon Township High School. Earlier mold issues have been corrected, supposedly but we all know that any ongoing moisture situation will cause an ongoing mold situation, … Continue reading

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KY: Mold Q and A

Environmental Management Branch 275 E. Main St., HS1C-D Frankfort, Kentucky 40621 Phone: (502) 564-4856 E-mail What are molds and where are they found? Molds are fungi found both indoors and out, almost everywhere in the environment. They can grow all … Continue reading

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Grantville community center Faces Mold

A $25,000 grant is being directed toward the unfinished Grantville community center which had been originally slated for completion by 2006. Disrepair is reflected in mold damage: plumbing, replacing old wallboard, and putting in new carpet, heating and air conditioning, … Continue reading

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Mold at Trinity Christian Academy?

At Trinity Christian Academy, a private school, several classes have been relocated because of possible mold issues at the school. The potential mold situation is attributed to recent rainfall and high levels of humidity. Apparently school officials informed parents that … Continue reading

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