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Foreclosure Bodes Ill For Realty, Good for Mold Crop

It’s not that unusual that when units went into foreclosure, mold starts growing out of control. Either there’s a leak, or trapped humidity or a lack of maintenance, or a combination of factors. In any case, having no one living … Continue reading

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Detroit Metropolitan Airport Comes Down With Mold

After hearing from government whistleblowers (employees complaining of illness and unhealthy working conditions,) the FAA is attempting to clean up the Detroit Metropolitan Airport to rescue it from its current mold infestation by replacing the roof, putting in new drywall … Continue reading

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Moldy Dream House

The honeymoon is really over when you come home to your dream home that is making you sick. Which is what happened to Danielle Beety who refers to her experience as like an episode of HOUSE. Her mystery illness was … Continue reading

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Sovereign Townhomes Ripe with Mold

Mold mold everywhere, coming out of the vents, on the ceilings, making it hard for people to breathe. Residents of Sovereign Townhomes complain of a mold infestation that they are calling a “mold invasion.” Managers claim they remove mold when … Continue reading

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Orlando Out One Fire Station

“Boggy” and “swampy” Orlando Firehouse too pricey to fix, too pricey to replace. Station 9 on Mercy Drive in northwest Orlando has had mold and water intrusion since at least 2000. The City Council approved the $550,000 purchase of a … Continue reading

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Otter Tail County: Did Mold Kill the Deer?

Is it a case of mold poisoning or did the deer simply eat themselves to death? Deer in Otter Tail County apparently gorged themselves on local corn in the absence of herbage, and basically ate until they died. At one … Continue reading

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That Winter Cold could be Winter Mold

So I’m sitting here with the flu, thinking about writing about mold. Most of the symptoms I have—runny nose, headache, sore throat, congestion, cough—could have been from mold exposure. (Actually I know who gave me this. Thanks for sharing. You … Continue reading

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To get rid of the mycotoxins, you must get rid of the mold. Mold is what creates mycotoxins. As construction developed to become more airtight, trapped moisture became a problem that cannot be ignored, since moisture trapped inside is a … Continue reading

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Toxic Mold, again.

Chronic bronchitis Learning disabilities Mental deficiencies Heart problems Cancer Multiple sclerosis chronic fatigue Lupus Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid arthritis Multiple chemical sensitivity Bleeding lungs Chronic Fatigue Syndrome A nasty list, isn’t it? This is just a few of the myriad of symptoms … Continue reading

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Mold Resource

Believe it or not, the National Association of Home Builders maintains a website on mold. The site is called NAHB Household Mold Resource Center No one out there knows more about remediation than a qualified contractor. (No one knows less … Continue reading

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