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Law Enforcement Center Houses Plethora of Mold

17 Types Found Include: Alternaria Aphanocladium Aspergillus fumigatus Aspergillus niger Aspergillus ochraceus Aspergillus versicolor Bipolaris Blakeslea Curvularia Engyodontium Fusarium Memnoniella Nigrospora Non-sporulating fungi Penicillium Stachybotrys chartarum Trichoderma Tweet

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Jury Rejects Claims

Catastrophic Brain Injury From Mold While the victim’s (Steve White) injury was significant and traumatic, the jury decided that in this case there was no credible evidence to support his claim of “Allergic Fungal Sinusitis.” Lawyers need not despair for … Continue reading

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Follow up: Buffalo

Monday, Mayor Brown is making public the final report of the air quality analysis which found that the Precinct building’s air quality met most guidelines. The 90 page report is available as a .pdf online. Tweet

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Mold is in the air…

In an article, the mold problem in the Buffalo Police precinct was debunked. They say “Black mold was found on the walls in the building, but not in air samples” and that …” that air quality is not being negatively … Continue reading

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Record Keeping

Whether a mold related toxic tort case is work based, product based, or environmentally based, historically they have been difficult to prove. But the symptoms of mold exposure like memory loss, allergies, and breathing difficulties don’t care that the case … Continue reading

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Valley School Mold Stinks

Peoria’s Desert Harbor Elementary stinks of mold though they say mold was never seen. It’s actually been found by a mold inspector, and identified as Aspergillus Penicillium. Heres a candid shot of it’s first cousin, Aspergillus : How’d you like … Continue reading

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Mold in a Movie

In our day and time, a topic has never really arrived until it has hit the silver screen, and it appears that now mold has arrived. No, no one has done a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes with … Continue reading

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