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Groundbreaking Florida Licensure

Florida distinguishes itself because of its weather. You know you’re in Florida when, at any point of a sunny, delicious day, it starts raining…rains for a bit and stops, suddenly back to perfect sunshine again. Of course some days are … Continue reading

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Dissertation on the Rights of Cans…

Back in the day–and a long ago day, it was, too–when we barely had two pennies to rub together after paying rent and utilities, we went without a lot of things. No television. No phone. No furniture, actually–having to make … Continue reading

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Mold in Red Clay Theatre

The Red Clay Theatre has been caked in mold since the September 2009 flood. A portion of the building will be razed. The Deluth Historical Society regrets the decision, but mold in the 1908 era structure made the decision inevitable. … Continue reading

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New Zealand: Toxic Mold Nightmare

The Chee family living in a Bucklands Beach (New Zealand) home for 9 years is suffering from the effects of leaks originating from an upstairs balcony leaking into the living room and spreading to the rest of the house. The … Continue reading

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Taking Financiers to Court over Mold

A case in New York over a property in foreclosure will force lenders to maintain properties affected by mold. In 1997, an earlier case ruled a foreclosing bank responsible for property maintenance during a foreclosure. There is apparently quite a … Continue reading

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Does the Fox Guard Your Henhouse?

There’s an old saying “Don’t let the fox guard the henhouse.” It comes from an even older Latin saying, “Ovem lupo commitere.” There should be an Aesop’s fable covering this, but there’s not, so I’m making one up. Once upon … Continue reading

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Black Mold Exposure

Youtube Caption: Black Mold Exposure follows Michael Roland Williams, filmmaker, and Karen Noseff, founder and designer of Fortune Denim, struggling to regain their livelihood and well-being after they were unknowingly exposed to high levels of various molds that had infested … Continue reading

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Sick Building Syndrome

People suffering from sick building syndrome are often misdiagnosed, and may be suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities that further complicate making a diagnosis. Even if no one sees, feels or smells anything, the allergen or substance may be there. This … Continue reading

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Mold in Non-Profit Shelter

The non-profit Washington DC General Family Shelter is about to experience some changes. In February, Councilmember Tommy Wells toured the facility and saw mold and ceiling damage in the stairwells and heard complaints about plumbing problems, and concerns over cleanliness. … Continue reading

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