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Mold Expedites New Fire Station

The mold discovered in October in a Wilmington Fire Station means that station is set to be shut down. Tests performed on the mold indicated a number of different types of mold. The firemen have been working out of Princess … Continue reading

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Lawn molds

The moldy growth known as snow mold can be prevented by keeping your lawn mowed to two inches, removing raked leaves, and avoiding nitrogen fertilizer in September and October. They survive in thatch and on plants as sclerotia or as … Continue reading

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Gerard A. Guilmette Elementary School under Mold Attack

Guilmette School needs a 1.9 Million Dollar renovation to get rid of the mold. 1,150 students attend the elementary school, and now a 150-175 clean up crew will be there too working through the weekend, with the goal of being … Continue reading

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Wet Conditions Cause Mold


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Mold in Florida Schools

Mold, Mold Everywhere… in Classroom 103 at Walker Middle school in Orlando in South Lake High in Lake County in Indian Trails Middle in Seminole County in Gateway High in Osceola County in Deltona High in Volusia County. in Brookshire … Continue reading

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Mold Forces Evacuation

The Washington Township offices and courtroom for District Judge Elise Glenn have been freshly inspected, and the verdict is that the building is guilty of mold. The mold is a consequence of frequent flooding plus a heavy rain at summer’s … Continue reading

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Toxic Terminology

Home owners should have a moldy bone to pick with the government. This is because toxic mold has infested a large percentage of American Homes. The Government does not acknowledge that mold is toxic, and this refusal to admit the … Continue reading

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A new mold sampling method collects air samples on aluminum foil, and then analyzes with a technique called Raman microspectroscopy (RMS). Raman spectroscopy is a way to view inelastic scattering of monochromatic light from a laser in the visible, near … Continue reading

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Should Mold Toxins in Food Should Be Included in Safety Regulations We say yes. Molds growing naturally on wheat, corn and other plants can create mycotoxins (i.e. mold-made toxins). In general, these are forbidden by regulation. THat is, if the … Continue reading

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There’s a legal case going on that you might be interested in if you have one of those newfangled high efficiency front-loading washers. The new type of steam-creating washers tends to accumulate mold and mildew in its innards, and creates … Continue reading

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