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Mold Closes Fire Station

Station # 3 at Crystal Lake is being closed due to mold, among other things. During the upcoming $50,000 remediation, personnel will temporarily be located at 100 West Woodstock from December 1st until December 11th. The former police firing range … Continue reading

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Landlord Responsibility

Landlords can be liable for their tenants mold exposure. Symptoms of mold exposure can include headaches, rashes or hives, nausea, dizziness, asthma or allergic reactions, problems with blood pressure, and damage to the internal organs. State law varies about the … Continue reading

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Washington Elementary Library Closed for Mold

The library of Washington Elementary School in Santa Barbara is accused of having less than stellar air quality due to a six by four inch spot of visible mold on the ceiling. For this fact, and for the fact that … Continue reading

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Mold Renovation at Schriever Senior Center; Seniors Put Out

The 50 or so senior citzens who used to daily visit the Schriever Senior Center are impatient and unhappy over the center’s closure during mold renovations. The agency’s director explains that although mold levels are low, the testing is geared … Continue reading

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Mold Outbreak in Social Security Office

Although a new office space is being built, Social Security Administration claims office in Ironton, Ohio may be closing early due to the presence of black mold which first began two years ago. 9 of 11 workers have filed workmans … Continue reading

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Fairbanks Mold: A Unique Situation

Subarctic Fairbanks. Winter lows can be from -15 to -50 degrees. It’s no surprise that families living in Fairbanks seal their homes against the weather. However, when a dwelling is perfectly sealed to keep the weather out, it also keeps … Continue reading

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Millions Awarded to Mold Victims

Homeowners, Theresa Koziell and Teresa Perrini won a suit in 2003-for economic damages, including loss of real property and medical expenses. The $3.4 million was awarded for for noneconomic damages, including “past and future post traumatic stress disorder” and “loss … Continue reading

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Rented Courtroom De-Molded

After $20,000 of repairs to his rented courtoom, Dentsville Magistrate Phil Newsom will be returning. Court will resume for the first time since August 27, 2010, after mold kicked him out of the location. The solution came about after repairs … Continue reading

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FEMA offers Advice

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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Mold Contamination in Emo-Cort 2.5% Lotion

As consumers, we expect GlaxoSmithKline to be marketing mold along the lines of, oh, say, penicillin. We do not expect to see GlaxoSmithKline (or their ilk) in the FDA recalls list for selling Eczema lotion contaminated with mold. So if … Continue reading

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