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Moral of the story: Inspection, Inspection Inspection

In the news: A 7-year old home making a family sick. Air seeping in between the foundation and joists leaves condensation in insulation, wetting walls and feeding mold, sending respiratory problems through the entire family living in the building. The … Continue reading

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If Irene Gets Your Car

Irene is over. You survived. Everything survived. You were one of the lucky ones. Only…you forgot to close your windows and the inside of your car got soaked. Or you thought you were fine until you saw the parking garage … Continue reading

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Ventilate to Prevent Lack of Air Flow

Good airflow is crucial to prevent mold. New houses that are built with zero airflow when the electricity is off are a mold magnet when they are foreclosed, simply because the air flow is prevented. Airflow in the attic can … Continue reading

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Admiral’s Flagship Condominium Mold Lawsuit

When the condo owner of a Admiral’s Flagship Condominium residence became sick after a leaky roof led to toxic mold, a lawsuit ensued. Persistant leaks led to this case (sic) between Denise DOHERTY vs. ADMIRAL’S FLAGSHIP CONDOMINIUM TRUST & others. … Continue reading

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Your House is Killing You-Get Out

Doctor blames medical system on failing health victims of mold. If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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Toxic Crime Case at the Grove

After some children and sick senior citizens living there developed skin infections or respiratory problems, the toxic situation at Grove Apartments is being decided in court. Two companies listed as owners of Grove Apartments in College Park were ordered to … Continue reading

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Mold Case is ongoing

Appeals Court Resurrects Toxic Mold Claim Against Admiral’s Hill Condominium Application of “Discovery Rule” Enables Toxic Mold Claim To Survive Dismissal The hazardous mold case in the condominium unit owned by Denise Doherty at the Admiral’s Flagship Condominium in Chelsea … Continue reading

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Sioux Falls Jail Wash Awash in Mold

The Minnehaha County work release center has been found to have mold, although none of it is being described as toxic. In the three year old building, cracked ceilings and falling plaster are an unexpected problem. The living area is … Continue reading

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Sterling school Closed Due to Mold

The opening of Sterling school in Johnson county will be delayed due to mold growth during the summer. The areas most affected are the locker rooms and weight room. THe problem is being addressed for the welfare of the students … Continue reading

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Caveat Emptor: Buying Your little Piece of the Mold

Thanks to boarded-up, unoccupied foreclosure properties, real estate has become a roulette wheel where the buyer better be aware of the mold situation. Because those closed up properties aren’t completely unoccupied==when the electricity moves out and the moisture and spores … Continue reading

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