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Mold, Creeping Up the Stairway

Toxic mold feeds on cellulose in plaster wallboard and anywhere else it can find it. One of the better known molds is Stachybotrys, which excretes mycotoxins that endanger everyone. It is worse than many other molds because many molds do … Continue reading

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Mold, an unwanted Guest in Military housing

Lincoln Military Housing Forty Families complain about to NewsChannel3 about the mold infiltrating their homes in Lincoln Housing Virginia Beach after airing a story on the mold found in an off-base military home. The resident lives in property formerly owned … Continue reading

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Mold at Hawaii Convention Center

Little surprise that Hawaiian properties can have mold issues. It’s surrounded by water, after all. There’s even mold at the Hawaii Convention Center. There are leaks from tile and grout leading to drywall that is holding moisture, and, according to … Continue reading

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Mold Cancels School


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Ipswich Emergency Building Mold Renovation

NEW IPSWICH building two is slated to have its temperature turned up. The temperature is part of the plan to handle/control mold. The inspector warned that mold can grow in heat or cold, and only needs humidity. The temperature is … Continue reading

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Even before the full detail of debts and liabilities has been filed, the former owner of the Rancho Cordova apartment complex files for bankruptcy. 80 tenants filed suit against the former owners due to toxic mold infestations, broken doors, inoperable … Continue reading

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School Mold Affects Health

Temperature control—i.e. keeping temperatures low at 60 degrees—is not the healthiest way to keep down mold. Emily C. Watkins Elementary School in LaPlace is keeping the thermostat at 60 to reduce humidity. Reduced humidity does help prevent mold, but the … Continue reading

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Another Public Building Infested with Mold

Another public services building will be shut down for a week as mold is dealt with, but it’s not a holiday for 23 Roseville State Department of Motor Vehicles employees, who will just be working in alternate offices (Rocklin, Carmichael … Continue reading

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