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RETURN to Mill Race Apartments

After an up and down roller coster, now the only conflict that remains is between the tenant and the landlord. And the mold. The Mayor of Pine Grove stated that Wednesday’s test results show three types of mold in Mill … Continue reading

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Prescription: Mold on Wood

If mold infiltrates soft goods, it’s pretty much the end of them. But when something is hard, the mold may simply be superficial. If that is the case, then it can be cleaned up and resurrected. If you have wooden … Continue reading

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Air Quality Testing

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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Governmental Mold Fraud? Is the Government Downplaying the Damage?

Did an INNOCENT WOMAN go to jail for exposing a fraud in California health policy? She made a lot of noise about false science. US public health policy and US courts downplayed mold damage, claiming that it had been scientifically … Continue reading

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Where Mold Hides

Common places mold is likely to be living in your home: around leaking pipes, windows, or roofs (the constant supply of water gives mold spores the start they need) any place that’s been flooded and hasn’t been thoroughly dried tightly … Continue reading

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Lynn Haven Moldy Apartments


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Ill Resident of Moldy Albany Housing Contemplates Settlement

Albany Housing Authority has said that 160-unit North Albany Homes on the city’s far northern border is plagued by a construction defect that allows water to seep behind siding and windows. It’s a problem the AHA is trying to fix … Continue reading

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Farfield Leaky Roof; Mold Not Far Behind

  What is Fairfield Warde High School going to do? Leaky roofs are a health issue for teachers and students because they lead to mold, and the 250,000 square feet of roof that need to go up at Fairfield Warde … Continue reading

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Skidmore College Mold

Tests reveal mold in one room at Skidmore College. Remediation begins next week. Tweet

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Hotel Sued for Exposing Guest to Mold

Park Management Group and Sun Suites are being sued for making a woman sick from exposure to Toxic Mold. Tests confirm that the room was moldy, and it was recommended that she not stay in the room. On Aug. 3, … Continue reading

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