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Mold Product Expose exposed

You may have seen this ad circulating that a major new mold product is out there that will clear out the mold, eliminate spores, work on porous surfaces, put up an impermeable barrier, move your furniture for you, speak three … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Mold Can’t Clean your Cereal

Be extra vigilent regarding your cereals this year, because you know we can’t clean your cereal. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s a higher mycotoxin risk in cereals. European legislative limits for the most common mycotoxins (eg DON and … Continue reading

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Professional Procedures

The California legislature enacted the Toxic Mold Protection Act (TMPA) in 2002, and was later updated The law notes that “damp buildings encourage the growth of bacteria and degradation of wet building materials can release irritant chemicals indoors. Some or … Continue reading

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Toxic Mold on City Buses

Bus driver Kelly Niermeyer was repeatedly hospitalized from a reaction to toxic mold growth on Wachusett School District buses operated by Robert L McCarthy & Son. A test concluded that the air samples collected from the buses “were lower in … Continue reading

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Worst Landlords List

Interactive map of New York’s worst landlords This interactive map on the gothamist reveals the locations of documented bad landlords. If you have a landlord you’d like to report, contact Public Advocate for the City of New York Bill de … Continue reading

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Potential Dangers of toxic mold

Experts worry that record breaking heat and extreme storms in hurricane season are laying the groundwork for mold in residential properties. Homeowners should be aware. Exposure to damaging mold is liable to rise if the water table rises. Record heat … Continue reading

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Environmental Hazard of Mold

Repeated exposure to an allergen or toxic substance triggers reactive symptoms. After you have become hyper-sensitized to an agent, each time you come in contact with it, your symptoms reappear or worsen. Sometimes the allergen is part of the living … Continue reading

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Top Ten List

Ten Dangers of Mold 1. pulmonary hemorrhage (Mostly in babies.) 2. nose bleed 3. immune system damage 4. headache 5. hair loss 6. dermatitis 7. depression 8. chronic fatigue syndrome 9. sore throat 10. respiratory symptoms including allergy, respiratory distress, … Continue reading

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Finding a Mold Lawyer

If you go to court about your mold situation, you have some rights. You might be able to recover costs of: Inspecting your property Repairing the structure Replacing ruined household items Housing expenses during repairs Paying for current and future … Continue reading

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Mold Litigation

Toxic mold litigation has become a common thing in the courts over the past decade, even though science is lagging behind in being able to successfully connect the dots between all the actual health effects and health risks associated with … Continue reading

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