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Toxic Stew

Toxic Compounds in water damaged houses are a cause for concern, not only because mold can be a factor, but also because anything could be a factor. The toxic stew is an original combination of whatever contaminants happen to be … Continue reading

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Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome or Farmers Lung

City dwellers may not be familiar with Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome (ODTS) but it is a fairly common illness affecting farmers ODTS is mild and short-lived. symptoms resemble the flu or other mild illnesses. Farmer’s Lung is an allergic inflammation … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Mold Growth

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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Mold Allergy Sufferers Can Get Help

Molds have been demonstrated to cause allergic responses in those who are susceptible, displaying symptoms such as wheezing, cough, itchy nose, sore throat, and sinus congestion, whether or not the mold is alive. Because dead spores cause as much irritation … Continue reading

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Baking Soda vs Fungus

The latest scientific study we have uncovered regarding the Antifungal Activity of Sodium Bicarbonate Against Fungal Agents Causing Superficial Infections. comes from an abstract of Mycopathologia, a study which is not yet published. The study investigates antifungal activity of baking … Continue reading

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Mold Study on Katrina

As a response to popular demand, we are presenting some more Mold Science. This mold study examines the potential risks of mold exposures based on Katrina research. The study measured airborne molds and markers of molds and bacteria in New … Continue reading

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MOLD SCIENCE ARTICLE: Seasonal variation of indoor microbial exposures …

A paper out of The National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Denmark says that indoor microbial exposure has been related to adverse pulmonary health effects. This mold study investigates seasonal variation in exposures and their associations to temperature, … Continue reading

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Union Gap City Hall Falls Victim to Mold

It took five months for Union Gap city leaders to decide city hall will be torn down due to toxic mold. Black mold sickened city employees. One factor is that there is no grant to remediate; but they can get … Continue reading

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School Mold

Mold found at Northfield school may delay school opening. Testing by the insurance company indicated the mold was not a toxic mold. (We wonder what they mean by that. Toxic mold is not necessarily TOXIC–the term is frequently use as … Continue reading

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Mold Affects Chicago air quality

Dangerous levels of mold have been tracked in Chicago. THe mold count of 60,000 surpasses toxic ceilings for the allergic. Doctors recommend using filtration to lesson the issues. Use common sense solutions like staying indoors, and not opening windows. Make … Continue reading

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