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Check Your Crawlspace

The crawlspace can be a hotbed of mold. Sometimes there are hidden problems such as leaky pipes–long slow unnoticeable drips into the crawlspace that have been feeding mold colonies for decades. It’s best to clean it up since (older houses … Continue reading

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Random Suggestions from Experiences with Mold

Heating and drying do not work. The procedure is expensive and useless. Only actual remediation works: Find it and get rid of it, i.e, exposure and removal is the only process that works. Drying the mold out forces spores into … Continue reading

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Oakwood Apartments, Another Year, Another Inspection

Oakwood Apartments were toured by two buses loaded with the Greensboro Housing Coalition looking for themselves at the unsavory environmental conditions such as mold, overgrown grass and plumbing problems on Oakwood Drive in Greensboro. Tenants complain management is slow to … Continue reading

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County employee dying during Mold Trial

Because Beverly Forest, one of nine affected plaintiffs who worked in the Monterey County District, has a compromised immune system after cancer treatment, she is in danger of not surviving to the conclusion of her two-year-old moldy office claim. Environmental … Continue reading

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Pulaski Family’s Mold Takes Over

The problem is toxic mold in Pulaski County. Families were complaining of “asthma, reoccurring problems with nosebleeds, headaches and sinus problems.” Residents complained of mold growing in the Granite Mountain apartment complex Microbiologists confirmed excessive toxic mold growth in multiple … Continue reading

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