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2014’s Highest Mold Count Recorded in the Midwest

On May 28, the allergy count for the Midwest regions showed the highest mold count in the year 2014. According to Joseph Leija , who is an allergist and the creator of Gottlieb Allergy Count in Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, situated … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Home Mold Free

Mold growth in a home is not only unsightly, but can also trigger many health problems in the residents. While the health implications may vary from person to person, the common problems include wheezing, coughing, nasal and throat infections and … Continue reading

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Experts Recommend Berries with Mold Growth Should be Avoided

Have you ever seen white coloured mold grown on the blueberries you bring from supermarkets? According to health experts, this white mold is usually a species from trichoderma genus. This type of mold is not generally dangerous for human health … Continue reading

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City of Donalsonville Fire Station Faces Mold and Asbestos Problems

The fire station building in the city of Donalsonville, Georgia, is experiencing mold and asbestos problems. A survey, conducted this February by the Alternative Construction & Environmental Solutions, showed the evidence of mold growth as well as high carbon monoxide … Continue reading

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Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Law Requiring Mold Resistant building Materials

New York city Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has signed a bill presented by the councilman Steven Matteo, which necessitates the use of mold-resistant building materials in the moisture prone areas of the houses. The bill, which has now become a … Continue reading

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Arizona, California, and Nevada at Risk From Toxic Mold

Experts have warned that the ongoing hot wave and severe drought in Arizona, California, and Nevada has increased the likeliness of toxic mold growth inside air-conditioners, swamp coolers and central air conditioning systems. According to Phillip Fry, who is an … Continue reading

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76 Year old Roosevelt County Courthouse Building Infested with Mold

The employees of the Roosevelt County Courthouse in Portales, New Mexico, were temporary relocated, after mold was discovered in the building. Eight different of molds, including one black mold strain were discovered in the 76 year old building. According to … Continue reading

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