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Grantville community center Faces Mold

A $25,000 grant is being directed toward the unfinished Grantville community center which had been originally slated for completion by 2006. Disrepair is reflected in mold damage: plumbing, replacing old wallboard, and putting in new carpet, heating and air conditioning, … Continue reading

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Mold at Trinity Christian Academy?

At Trinity Christian Academy, a private school, several classes have been relocated because of possible mold issues at the school. The potential mold situation is attributed to recent rainfall and high levels of humidity. Apparently school officials informed parents that … Continue reading

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Jackson County Mold

The new Emergency Operations Center in Jackson County has mold. Apparently mold has showed up in the ceiling; and there’s a strong scent of mold in the rest of the building The search is on for the source, but it … Continue reading

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WHO Case Study Recommends controlling Moisture

The World Health Organization has produced a case study “Interventions and actions against damp and mould, ” The study, performed by Dorr G. Dearborn, PhD, MD studies Ohio Cuyahoga county. Part of the study focused on moisture intervention and lists … Continue reading

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Colorado Rain Begats Mold

After the rain, beware the rise of stachybotrys mold which may be reflected in running noses, sneezing, memory loss, problems with bleeding lungs, bleeding noses and other horrifying symptoms of exposure. Mold can be a very dangerous allergen; and it … Continue reading

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Have mold will travel.

Not surprisingly, months after Village Park Rockborough Apartments and Townhomes were flooded, mold is showing up and chasing out some of the residents. Apparently some leaks haven’t been repaired either, and there’s also a pest problem. Repairs funded by insurance … Continue reading

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Showers Bring Mold

Just a reminder to you folks experiencing a lot of rain. Dry it up ASAP. Don’t let it sit around, or you’ll be fighting that mold battle. I tried to post the national news report here, but they’re not publishing … Continue reading

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There’s Old School, and There’s Mold School

Guilford County Health Dept has a moldy school on their hands. Oak Ridge Elementary is going to be closed this summer for mold clean-up after being directed by the health department to: Clean and repair the heat, ventilation and air … Continue reading

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After the flood, the mold lingers

We’re still seeing the effects of last years floods, not just in the homes where the flooding occurred, but also in the people who live in those houses. Mold presents a set of symptoms which are often misdiagnosed. Like coughing. … Continue reading

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To Dry Up the Mold, Dry up the water

To dry up the mold, dry up the water. That could be a hard thing to do during the rainy season. Rain can expose your house to all kinds of stresses. The leaking roof is the first thing you think … Continue reading

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