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Mold Denial doesn’t make it go away

In spite of low-income housing residents who fell ill with swollen eyes, flu-like symptoms and respiratory problems two days after moving in, and county-commissioned lab tests identifying four mold species (including Penicillium, Aspergillus and Cladosporium) listed by the federal government … Continue reading

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Another Victory for Mold

Re: Marceau v. Blackfeet Housing. The U.S. Supreme Court has chosen not to examine if the federal government bears responsibility for toxic, mold-infested homes built on the Blackfeet Reservation with federal money. American Indians say the houses sickened their families … Continue reading

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Firestation: Closed for Mold

Black mold was found in the firestation shower, and ever since, the station has been closed. Other people follow a paper trail. Byebye mold follows the mold trail. So we’re not surprised to hear that the mold in the shower … Continue reading

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After the flood…

When it comes to drying out after a flood, it’s time to call the professionals. Or else, 3 weeks after the flood, your house is starting to smell, and you’re going to be growing a crop of mold in your … Continue reading

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Something Moldy in Paradise

As wonderful as it is, Hawaii is humid–and mold loves Hawaii as much as we do. Take for example the Hawaii Hilton, with a history of mold. (Closed for mold in the past, and possibly in the future. Before the … Continue reading

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Positive with a Forecast of Skeptical

PRWeb has a press release for a new product touted for remediation. It is a “new technique” that kills and removes spores which are said to “biodegrade, essentially turning it into harmless particulates. While other commercial antimicrobials available kill the … Continue reading

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Why Do I Care if Your Bathroom is Humid…

Mold loves water. Picture the airspace of your house with millions of tiny dry parachutists floating aimlessly about, each one hoping to randomly land on a wet patch. Picture these tiny dry parachutists not flying alone, but each with a … Continue reading

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Public Buildings in Mold Crisis

Every time I log on to the internet, I see another school that is closed due to mold. It seems to be practically an epidemic that old (or badly constructed new) public buildings get shut down due to mold. Public … Continue reading

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What Mold Wants

IF you’re looking to grow a fine crop of mold this season… 1. When there’s a leak, ignore it. Let it drip down through your walls and ceiling. Let the moisture seep into exposed cellulose products. 2. Don’t bleach trace … Continue reading

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Forecast: Flooding with a Chance of Mold

March and April flooding will bring May and June mold. It doesn’t make a pretty nursery rhyme, but it is still something to look out for. Summer mold in your house may look like a summer cold: stuffy nose, irritated … Continue reading

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