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ByeByeMold Has a New Presence on Facebook and Twitter

Mold has an adverse affect on the very sick, the very old and the very young. That’s why ByebyeMold’s most recent ads on Facebook show an infant in the arms of his concerned father. Every parent is going to be … Continue reading

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Remove Mold and Asthma at the Same Time

Findings from home inspections published in Pediatrics show moisture damage and mold growth specifically in a child’s living area links to the risk of developing asthma, chronic asthma and respiratory symptoms during the first six years of life. Mold visible … Continue reading

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Fungi in Particulates-Should it affect air quality standards?

There are speculations that airborne fungi are highly present in particulates and may even effect the weather. A wide range of airborne species exists, but more is known about its behavior in the lab than when it is in an … Continue reading

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Idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage

Does Stachybotrys chartarum (Stachybotrys atra) cause acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage among infants? One study of a geographical cluster of ten infants tied Idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage to contaminants in the home related to mold and water damage. Matched analysis demonstrated that … Continue reading

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Health effects from exposure to mold have been well established for decades even though getting medical “proof” in court can be a real issue. The effects of mold exposure include allergic disease, immune mediated disease, irritant and/or toxic mediated disease … Continue reading

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Law accepting Mold Causes Illness: Scientific Proofs Accepted

A Cornell New York appellate court ruling that indicated recent studies were “statistically significant” and demonstrated “that exposure to mold caused the identified ill-health effects.” This ruling is bound to presage a rise in mold cases. The ruling is based … Continue reading

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Case Study of a Family Afflicted by Mold

By Jack Dwayne Thrasher, 1 * Michael R. Gray, 2 Kaye H. Kilburn, 3, 4 Donald P. Dennis, 5 and Archie Yu A family of five and pet dog who rented a water-damaged home and developed multiple health problems. The … Continue reading

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