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Rainy Spring Brings Rampant Summer Mold

Mold intrusion in homes is worse than ever. Schedule a ByebyeMold mold inspection now. Woodland Hills, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 06/23/2015 — June has been a month of relentless thunderstorms, storms in the Plains, Midwest and Southeast. Torrential rainfall and … Continue reading

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Spring: Time to Schedule Annual Mold Inspection

Spring Mold Brings Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, Illness, Sick House Syndrome. Experts Call For Annual Testing Woodland Hills, CA — (ReleaseWire) — Exposure to indoor mold, toxic or black mold is tied to a multitude of illnesses and symptoms and Sick … Continue reading

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What Does the New Drug Cresemba mean to you? Mold Allergy is Real!

FDA Panel Backs New Antifungal Isavuconazonium (Cresemba) Ever since there have been mold sufferers, there have been skeptics who don’t believe mold makes people sick. But now there’s a drug especially for those who suffer mold allergies. If the problem … Continue reading

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Provable Vulnerability and Mold Health Risk

The current thinking is that mold is harmful to everyone. But courts and doctors haven’t figured out how to pin the tail on the donkey—I mean, how to connect mold exposure specifically to the generic human EVEN WHEN THE CAUSAL … Continue reading

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Buyer Beware Mold! I’d like to order a little MOLD with my house…

The website of the National Association of Home Builders has an entire section on mold. They say that “The growth of any type of mold in a home is never acceptable. Your safest and most prudent course of action is … Continue reading

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Law accepting Mold Causes Illness: Scientific Proofs Accepted

A Cornell New York appellate court ruling that indicated recent studies were “statistically significant” and demonstrated “that exposure to mold caused the identified ill-health effects.” This ruling is bound to presage a rise in mold cases. The ruling is based … Continue reading

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Arbitration Award for Kentucky Mold Sufferers.

A Kentucky lawsuit alleges “clear and convincing evidence of fraud in that LUV Homes intentionally concealed the presence of mold, mold damage and water damage in the mobile home unit sold to the Cranks.” He said the damage was painted … Continue reading

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Mold and your Health: a word on medical testimony and the law

Toxic mold litigation varies as much as mold itself does. Defendants range between architects, construction companies, commercial and residential landlords, property managers, contractors, and insurance companies. The biggest hurdle plaintiffs face is the lack of legislative guidelines. Furthermore, due to … Continue reading

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Losing the Unwanted Tenant: Mold

Let’s face it, when moisture moves in, so does mold. That’s all the worse for those of us who were inundated with water a few months ago. The current hot streak is bound to be vaporizing some of that excess … Continue reading

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