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Mold Lawsuit over negligence and breach of contract of lease

Yorlanda Fisher, Aubrey Hill, Ja’Nyra Walton and Nyshia Walton filed a lawsuit against Huntington Park LLC and its insurer in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Dec. 7 over mold exposure. The apartment they rented had a water leak, and mold and mildew causing coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing,Read More

Bye Bye Mold Can’t Clean your Cereal

Be extra vigilent regarding your cereals this year, because you know we can’t clean your cereal. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s a higher mycotoxin risk in cereals. European legislative limits for the most common mycotoxins (eg DON and ZON) in grain intended for human consumption have been inRead More

Mold -The Unwanted Guest in your Bathroom

Sometimes you wish Mr. Clean would just show up with the scrubbing bubbles, the Ty-D-Bol Man, and all the guys from the “orphanage of cast-off mascots” just to deal with the bathroom. What is there to do when the bathroom looks perfectly clean but has that old mold smell? BathroomsRead More

Where is my mold coming from and how do I get rid of it?

From the archive of ByebyeMold Question i moved into my apt six months ago, it looked clean when i moved in but ever since then, all of the perishable food I buy grows mold within days, the same mold grows in my toilets within 2-3 days…where is it coming fromRead More

When you need Help with a Mold Problem

A mold screening test is used to determine if a mold antigen is present in your living environment. A mold diagnostic is a full lab analysis on the type and size of your mold problem. You may need a dehumidifier. To eliminate mold, you need to get the humidity belowRead More

Mold is everywhere.

Here’s the problem with mold: The spores are everywhere. They just float around in the air, waiting for time and the opportunity to land on something edible like cellulose. Some areas there aren’t as many spores (like, say, in the arctic) and in some areas like humidity-prone Louisiana, they aboundRead More

Dehumidifiers are Aquarium Owners Friend

Toxic mold growing in carpet can be worsened by fish tanks, especially if they leak. Placing the fish tanks over a hard, cleanable surface can help control the mold. Dehumidifiers can help, and also flow-through ventilation can help dry the area. The objective is to remove humidity and spores fromRead More

Mold at Hawaii Convention Center

Little surprise that Hawaiian properties can have mold issues. It’s surrounded by water, after all. There’s even mold at the Hawaii Convention Center. There are leaks from tile and grout leading to drywall that is holding moisture, and, according to Jennifer Nakayama, Honolulu Convention Center Director of Operations,”…therefore, mold startedRead More

Ventilate to Prevent Lack of Air Flow

Good airflow is crucial to prevent mold. New houses that are built with zero airflow when the electricity is off are a mold magnet when they are foreclosed, simply because the air flow is prevented. Airflow in the attic can be handled with having your contractor install a simple ridgeRead More

Mold, Mold, Go Away

Tips for handling mold When you are dealing with precipitation (rainfall, flooding, humidity), running a dehumidifier in your basement can take some of the work out of your air conditioning, and help keep the basement dry. If mold turns up somewhere, remediation is a good idea, but it is pointlessRead More