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Indiana U Mold Lawsuit

Lawsuit Alleges Indiana U. Pressed Health Center to Play Down Mold Threat. The university denies the allegation. The suit also says Indiana deferred crucial maintenance on air systems for years despite knowing of problems, resulting in a 2018-19 mold crisis. … Continue reading

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Judge approves plan addressing only NYCHA toxic mold

Mayor de Blasio signed with federal prosecutors calling for the imposition of a federal monitor to oversee the NYCHA compliance with health and safety rules. Manhattan Federal Judge William Pauley gave NYCHA and federal prosecutors two weeks to come up … Continue reading

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Mold Compensation

A woman got $32 million after mold decimated her Texas mansion, but the money won’t begin to fix the mental anguish she suffered. She sued Farmers Insurance Group. Mold can cause headaches, nosebleeds, respiratory issues and other symptoms, especially if … Continue reading

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List of Plaintiffs in Northwood Centre Lawsuit

Victims claim airborne mold and animal feces made them sick, and they are suing Northwood Centre. The number has escalated to more than 86 from 20. Some claim they were unaware they were working in unhealthy conditions. Raw sewage backed … Continue reading

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Mold Strikes Eight 8 Ypsilanti Homeowners

Ypsilanti Township is demanding that eight moldy homes be brought up to code and threatens dire consequences: to have a Washtenaw County Circuit Court judge to declare the properties a public nuisance. Homeowners must bring them up to code or … Continue reading

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California Board of Equalization Faces $50M Mold Claim

After they spent $28 million just dealing with the mold remediation, The California Board of Equalization (BOE) is facing a new claim filed by their employees, who say that the mold at the BOE headquarters has been causing them respiratory … Continue reading

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Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Law Requiring Mold Resistant building Materials

New York city Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has signed a bill presented by the councilman Steven Matteo, which necessitates the use of mold-resistant building materials in the moisture prone areas of the houses. The bill, which has now become a … Continue reading

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Toxic Mold in Residential Buildings

Byebye Mold performs mold inspections but we do not do remediation. You might want to perform an inspection on a property prior to purchase or sale of realty, or for other legal purposes; or if you are living in an … Continue reading

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Are Health Care Professionals Confirming Mold is a Health Risk?

There’s a group, MOLD TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA, which is creating a certification platform for healthcare providers. Who knows, this may revolutionize the prosecution of landlords or sellers of faulty drywall or other responsible parties by finally defining direct lines … Continue reading

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Mold Lawsuit over negligence and breach of contract of lease

Yorlanda Fisher, Aubrey Hill, Ja’Nyra Walton and Nyshia Walton filed a lawsuit against Huntington Park LLC and its insurer in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Dec. 7 over mold exposure. The apartment they rented had a water leak, … Continue reading

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