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Fire Station loses the Mold Lottery

Toxic mold in El Dorado County caused a fire station to close after heavy rains caused mold to grow in the walls. Firefighters smelled the mold after three weeks of heavy rains. Smelling mold is a key indicator that it … Continue reading

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Bulletproof Coffee Creator Dave Asprey Tackles Toxic Mold Documentary

MOLDY Exposes How Severely Affects an Estimated 100-Million in the United States Alone Bulletproof Films investigates the dangerous world of toxic environmental mold in the new documentary film MOLDY. Produced by prominent biohacker, bestselling author, and Bulletproof Founder, Dave Asprey, … Continue reading

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What Does the New Drug Cresemba mean to you? Mold Allergy is Real!

FDA Panel Backs New Antifungal Isavuconazonium (Cresemba) Ever since there have been mold sufferers, there have been skeptics who don’t believe mold makes people sick. But now there’s a drug especially for those who suffer mold allergies. If the problem … Continue reading

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Nursing and Fine Arts buildings in Winston-Salem State University Cleared Mold Test

Two old buildings of Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina, have cleared the mold and asbestos tests. The tests were conducted after some complaints were reported regarding possible mold and asbestos contamination in Old Nursing building, built in 1956 and Fine … Continue reading

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Black Mold Found in a Hotel in Covington, Georgia

According to a fire inspection conducted in Covington Lodge, Covington, Georgia, on June 3, many rooms in the hotel are infested with black mold. Tony Smith, a Fire Marshall at the Covington Fire Department said that the inspection was conducted … Continue reading

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Experts Recommend Berries with Mold Growth Should be Avoided

Have you ever seen white coloured mold grown on the blueberries you bring from supermarkets? According to health experts, this white mold is usually a species from trichoderma genus. This type of mold is not generally dangerous for human health … Continue reading

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76 Year old Roosevelt County Courthouse Building Infested with Mold

The employees of the Roosevelt County Courthouse in Portales, New Mexico, were temporary relocated, after mold was discovered in the building. Eight different of molds, including one black mold strain were discovered in the 76 year old building. According to … Continue reading

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Mycotoxin Menace

Some forms of mold produce mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are compounds containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that are toxic to other organisms. These mycotoxins are products of the metabolism of various forms of mold. Examples include aspergillus, penicillium, cladosporiun and stachybotrys (with … Continue reading

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Toxic Mold in Residential Buildings

Byebye Mold performs mold inspections but we do not do remediation. You might want to perform an inspection on a property prior to purchase or sale of realty, or for other legal purposes; or if you are living in an … Continue reading

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Homeowners Urge NY to Share Sandy Grant

All these months after Sandy’s flooding and damage, many of those affected homes are full of Toxic mold. This is serious problem for many whose homes are all but unliveable. A May 7th conference, Councilman Donovan Richards joined pressed for … Continue reading

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