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Mom Finds Large Clump of Mold in Fruit Pouch

A woman in Springfield, Missouri, reported mold in a fruit pouch purchased at the local ALDI store. According to Ashley Lamb, she found a large clump of mold inside her 2-year-old son’s favorite Little Journey Apple Mango pouch. “He came … Continue reading

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Nugents Rock Waco with Killer Black Mold Story

Fifteen years ago, Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane moved from Michigan to Waco because their 5000 square foot Michigan home was contaminated with black mold. Shemane was the American Heart Association’s keynote speaker at the Go Red for Women … Continue reading

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Susan Somers New House Had Mold

Susan Somers says that mold almost ruined her life. Her new house had toxic mold in the air conditioning and heating ducts, spreading mold spores through the air system, causing Somers and her husband a number of symptoms. Somers wrote … Continue reading

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Homeowners Urge NY to Share Sandy Grant

All these months after Sandy’s flooding and damage, many of those affected homes are full of Toxic mold. This is serious problem for many whose homes are all but unliveable. A May 7th conference, Councilman Donovan Richards joined pressed for … Continue reading

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Mold and the Law

A recent article called Cornell Accepts Causal Connection Between Toxic Mold and Injury examines a recent decision that may alter the toxic mold litigation landscape. The decision may help establish personal injury claims by building residents against landlords and contractors … Continue reading

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Dead Organization Declares September as Toxic Mold Awareness Month

It appears that a non-existent organization has declared Toxic Mold Awareness month. I can’t think what possible difference this should make, because mold doesn’t care. It’s going to do what it does regardless of the month. We’re not buying or … Continue reading

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NY’s Toxic Mold Case Law

Cornell v. 360 West 51st Street Realty, LLC, 939 N.Y.S.2d 434 (App. Div. 2012), the Court clarified Fraser and held that the scientific evidence in each case should be evaluated under the Frye test, thus opening the door to mold … Continue reading

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Mold Case is ongoing

Appeals Court Resurrects Toxic Mold Claim Against Admiral’s Hill Condominium Application of “Discovery Rule” Enables Toxic Mold Claim To Survive Dismissal The hazardous mold case in the condominium unit owned by Denise Doherty at the Admiral’s Flagship Condominium in Chelsea … Continue reading

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Anonymous Victim Warns Potential Renters about Toxic Mold Sickness

Statement of a resident complaining about a mold invested Canyon Creek Apartment. If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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The Kindness of Strangers Paying it Forward

Mold forces WWI vet Jessie Fulcher out of his home Veterans, boy scouts and others came together to help world war veteran Jessie Fulcher whose home was infested by green mold while he spent the last 18 months caring for … Continue reading

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