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Providence High School Closes 19 Classrooms due to Mold Infestation

Several classrooms at Central High School in Providence, Rhode Island, have been closed due to mold problem. Authorities said 19 classrooms have been closed after mold was discovered in the East Wing of the school. The school district said in a … Continue reading

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Toxic Mold in San Joaquin County Nipped in the Spore

In San Joaquin County, California, Julia Morgan Elementary School is under attack by mold. Mold was found prospering underneath wallpaper in a couple of classrooms. Three classrooms in all were worked by an environmental remediation company and pronounced clean. Other … Continue reading

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Part of School Closed in Saint Lucia due to Mold Infestation

A section of Corinth Secondary School in Saint Lucia, was closed last month due to mold and termite infestation. According to the school officials, the mold and termite infestation was found mostly on the outer walls and the ceiling of … Continue reading

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Toxic mold in UC Santa Cruz Housing

UCSC is going to court for failing to fix the mold problem in a family housing apartment, after a family member developed respiratory infections leading to four hospitalizations. The family believes the apartment’s toxic mold is responsible for the respiratory … Continue reading

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Biola University Mold afternote

The library archives are closed as the library addresses the mold found on Sept. 23. Restoration Services completed the cleanup on Oct. 25 and left the archives room in containment over the weekend. The mold was non-toxic. Archived books appear … Continue reading

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Mold in Schools

Every summer unoccupied schools become the ideal environment for mold to flourish. With air handling systems shut down, and windows and doors locked down tightly, humidity is trapped inside. Multiply that situation with rain, or even worse, roof or plumbing … Continue reading

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Arbor Heights classroom floods in dry weather

When a water filter burst over the weekend, an Arbor Heights classroom flooded. You know the classroom will be having mold problems after this. The principal was quoted saying: It appears the water ran all weekend with several inches of … Continue reading

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University of Louisville Student Resident Building Taken Over by Mold

High level of mold spores were detected in one of the residence halls of the University of Louisville. 270 students were requested to move out from the building. Mold spores specifically occupied University of Louisville’s Miller Hall on its Belknap … Continue reading

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School Mold

Mold found at Northfield school may delay school opening. Testing by the insurance company indicated the mold was not a toxic mold. (We wonder what they mean by that. Toxic mold is not necessarily TOXIC–the term is frequently use as … Continue reading

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Mold At Heritage Elementary School

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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