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Idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage

Does Stachybotrys chartarum (Stachybotrys atra) cause acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage among infants? One study of a geographical cluster of ten infants tied Idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage to contaminants in the home related to mold and water damage. Matched analysis demonstrated that … Continue reading

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First the Rain, Then the Mold–Hawaii Braces for the Clean-up

With all the flood damage to private property, there are a lot of homes and businesses being examined to determine the extent of the damage. As we know, water damage today leads to mold tomorrow. The restoration companies are hopping, … Continue reading

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Lynn Haven Moldy Apartments


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Mold Comes True Here

Siena condominium complex in Montclair Montclair township council assigned the redevelopment project of the DCH auto dealership property to the developer of the moldy Siena building. But so far, onlymold comes true in Montclair in spit of Siena condo’s slogan, … Continue reading

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Mold, an unwanted Guest in Military housing

Lincoln Military Housing Forty Families complain about to NewsChannel3 about the mold infiltrating their homes in Lincoln Housing Virginia Beach after airing a story on the mold found in an off-base military home. The resident lives in property formerly owned … Continue reading

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Even before the full detail of debts and liabilities has been filed, the former owner of the Rancho Cordova apartment complex files for bankruptcy. 80 tenants filed suit against the former owners due to toxic mold infestations, broken doors, inoperable … Continue reading

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AIHA® Provides Mold Resources for Homeowners

FAIRFAX, VA, (July 13, 2011) — The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) strongly encourages homeowners who face flooding issues, as a result of extreme weather conditions, to obtain a home inspection for mold. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has already named 2011 to be one of the most extreme years in weather disasters, estimating over $32 billion in damages.
Extreme wet weather has caused flooding throughout the Midwest and Atlantic states and parts of western Canada, leaving homeowners to salvage their belongings and begin the clean-up process. However, water is not the only danger of flooding. The mold that may occur after water has receded can be far more hazardous to the homeowner and family.
The molds that grow on damp building materials are found in the soil and are adapted to grow on a wide variety of materials. Outdoors, molds live in the soil, on plants, and on dead or decaying matter. Different mold species are adapted to different moisture conditions from very wet to just damp. The US CDC, the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academy of Sciences, the World Health Organization and Health Canada all agree that living or working in a building with mold results in increased risk of respiratory disease among other effects.
People who may be affected more severely and quickly than others include: • Infants and children
• Elderly people • Pregnant women • Individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies and asthma • Persons with weakened immune systems
A professional experienced in mold evaluation and remediation, such as an industrial hygienist, can address extensive mold growth in a building. It is important to address and correct large mold problems as soon as possible by first fixing the source of the moisture problem and removing contaminated materials, then cleaning the surfaces, and finally drying the area completely.
For more information on mold remediation and resources on hiring remediation professionals, please visit
*** Founded in 1939, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is the premier
association of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. AIHA’s 10,077 members play a crucial role on the front line of worker health and safety every day. Members represent a cross-section of industry, private business, labor, government and academia. Continue reading

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Mold is Part of Water Damage

If you’re dealing with the flood today, or if you were dealing with it yesterday and now you’re in the clean up phase, remember you have to get the environment completely dry to prevent mold from developing. Mold is a … Continue reading

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The Usual Mold Questions and Answers

What is mold Molds are microscopic fungi that live on plant or animal matter. No one knows how many species of fungi exist, but estimates range from tens of thousands to perhaps 300,000 or more. Most are filamentous (threadlike) organisms … Continue reading

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To Say Goodbye to Mold, Say Goodbye to Water (leaks)

Although the term ‘toxic mold’ is widely in use, it is frequently misused. It is not accurate, for example, when referring to black mold. (There are hundreds of molds which look black.) Mold by itself is not normally toxic. There … Continue reading

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