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Mold in School District

Florence Unified School District is continuing to remove mold that appeared in a couple of classrooms at Walker Butte K-8 School. Most of the mold found was in spots behind the baseboard. After clean up, its prevention is related to … Continue reading

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Addressing Mold Research

EPA, HHS, and HUD officials reported that 75 percent of their mold research activities address at least one of five particular data gaps-three of which relate to asthma, and two of which relate to sampling and measurement methods. These five … Continue reading

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Mold Problems SIDE BY SIDE with VOC

Contributing to limitations in the understanding of the relationship between mold and a number of adverse health effects is the variety of potential disease-causing agents-including many species of mold and other biological agents, such as bacteria or dust mites-that are … Continue reading

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Mold Exposure Symptoms

The 2004 Institute of Medicine report, Damp Indoor Spaces and Health, found sufficient evidence of an association between exposure to indoor mold and certain adverse health effects-that is, an association between the agent and the outcome has been observed in … Continue reading

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Mold Disease

Several components and products of mold may cause disease. Mold grows as a mass of microscopic filaments, fragments of which may cause adverse health effects. In addition, the spores that mold releases to reproduce, along with certain components of mold’s … Continue reading

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Losing the Mold War

Telluride,CO–Mountain Village loses 18 units of housing to mold.  Even the 12 remaining units in the complex will be lost if the complex is not brought up to code in the next 180 days.  Problems include mold,  faulty plumbing, smoke alarms that … Continue reading

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Chicago Struggles with Flood Cleanup

Though Cook County has not been declared a disaster area, home owners are struggling with flood cleanup. From toxic mold growing in basements, to first floor offices and parking lots, residents and businesses alike in the affected areas of Chicago … Continue reading

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