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Moldy Environment Health Perspective

CDC research says that asthma affects 17.3 million people yearly (10 million adults and 7 million children), costs more than $10 billion for medical care, causes over 10 million missed school days and more than 5000 deaths. Indoor dampness and … Continue reading

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Mold Damaged Fire Station Taking Bids

Fire Station No. 1. in Hattiesburg is taking contractor’s bids as it is damaged beyond saving by water and mold. Case Study Project Tweet

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Is DHS Responsible for Basement Mold Farm?

Is the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services killing Eugene Phelps? That’s what Phelps believes. The Chicago resident lives in a water damaged house, dating back from when a water pipe broke in the basement during a bathroom remodel. … Continue reading

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Does Mold Really Hurt You?

Most healthy people are not harmed by mold, but ironically, prolonged exposure to mold will cause mold allergies. And people who have allergies or asthma may be more sensitive to molds. Some of the effects are skin rash, running nose, … Continue reading

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Is Riverview Plaza Contaminated with MOLD?

Sacramento’s Riverview Plaza is a 15-story apartment building located at 600 I Street–owned and operated by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and intended to provide 123 affordable apartments to low-income seniors. 14 tenants (including 4 deceased ones) have suffered … Continue reading

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Family Ultimately killed by Contractor


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Environmental Relative Moldiness Index

Agency officials reported ongoing work using, in part, a DNA-based method for analyzing 36 species of mold that EPA developed, patented, and has licensed commercial laboratories to perform. Working with HUD, EPA used this method to develop a standard sampling … Continue reading

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Green Building

What makes a green building? According to the Florida Green Building Coalition, it requires 101 required points for certification. In case you’ve never heard of it (and we never heard of it, not being in Florida), the Florida Green Building … Continue reading

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Mold Update: Florence Unified School District

Remediation began at Walker Butte K-8 in Queen Creek. Indoor test results were: 1300, 1300 and 1384 mold spore counts per cubic meter In mold remediation and prevention phase 1, crews sealed off contaminated sections of classrooms and bathrooms. Arrangements … Continue reading

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