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Mold Mold Everywhere

If you ever have your house mold tested, don’t be surprised when you find out it passes inspection with a high mold content in the air. You think you’d be aiming for zero mold spores, right? Wrong. There are so … Continue reading

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There Goes City Hall

What is it about City Halls and public buildings that seems to draw mold crisis? Oak Point City Hall is afflicted with mold so bad it was described as “wet and weeping insulation, rotten sheeting and long, fuzzy blooms of … Continue reading

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More School Mold Announcements:

Southern High, with 2 closed classrooms may have more closed classrooms coming up, because the AC unit serving the contaminated area has not been isolated and may be spreading spores all over. There is mold on the upper walls of … Continue reading

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Mold School Reopening

Another in a long list of moldy schools is in the news. Today it is Salem Community College’s Davidow Hall. The building was closed this summer to handle a mold infestation, but a reopening is planned after the cleanup is … Continue reading

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Just a Reminder

The best way to deal with mold is not to have the problem in the first place. How do we do this? By prevention. Maintain a dry house. Make certain clothes are completely dry before putting them away. Maintain plumbing. … Continue reading

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Mold vs. City Hall

Another town’s city hall struck down by mold. It’s not unexpected. Combine buildings with water, and, well, buildings have a lot of cellulose-eating mold to feed. This time it is Linn Valley City Hall. They had it tested for mold, … Continue reading

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Wet Summers bring Fall Mold

Schools and dorm rooms are in for a clean-up in many areas of the country due to the frequency of rain this summer. In preparation for back to school, schools buildings and dormitories are turning up with heavy mold growth … Continue reading

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Mold Among us

Have you really examined your house for mold? Wall coverings-Mold loves cellulose, and cellulose is used in most wallpapers. So it is not unusual for mold growth to occur on your wallpaper, especially if the room is a source of … Continue reading

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Move over Mechagodzilla, Here comes a Slime-bot

Researcher Andy Adamatzky is breeching the gap between science and science fiction in his mold-obitics. He is using plasmodium, a type of slime mold, a “naturally occurring substance with its own built in intelligence,” to create the next generation of … Continue reading

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