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Another Mold Lawsuit: Over or not?

After a tornado ripped the roof of a house, and caused water damage inside, the insurance company hired Apex to examine the house. Mold was reported, but the owners weren’t informed. The family had the house demolished; the insurance company … Continue reading

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Moremold Hills? Inspection or Bust

Morehead Hills apartments starts at $721 for a one-bedroom, and $844 for a two-bedroom unit, and some of these units come with free mold and other problems. Although the management division director for California Commercial Investment Group says there are … Continue reading

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Beware Foreclosures. Something Contaminated This Way Comes

Who knows what contaminants lurk in foreclosed properties? The Shadow knows! Not really. But the well-educated home buyer should not think they’re getting a gift on a plate if they get something too good to be true in their foreclosure … Continue reading

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Mold Strikes Ozarks Home; Builder Denies Knowledge

Homeowner Michelle Ewing is fighting for her home, and for her children’s quality of life, as they suffer a house with known standing water problems. Montileone Development however denies knowing the extent of the problem. What, is he going to … Continue reading

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Springfield: Eagle Creek Resort/Conference Center Mold Report

The mold infested property, closed by court order in July was abandoned by its owners, who were millions in debt to banks, the Army Corps of Engineers, small businesses and the state. The date for requests for proposals to operate … Continue reading

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