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Mold Inspection Hand in Hand with Beachfront Realty

Anyone looking for a home on the coast should certainly have a mold inspection prior to purchase. If there is mold found, there is probably a water problem lurking somewhere. Anything from an actual roof or plumbing leak, to trapped … Continue reading

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Escondido Fire Station: Mold Outbreak

While mold has taken residence in (circa 1978) Fire Station No. 4 (Escondido), don’t look for the fireman there. They’ve taken up residence at the the Aegis Escondido Retirement development, at least for the duration of this year, as the … Continue reading

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Mold Sensitivity May be Genetic

A Harvard Medical School Study found that the interaction between environmental mold exposure and certain variants of chitinase genes were positively associated with asthma. Chitinases break down a component in fungi called chitin, which is also a component in the … Continue reading

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Mold in Houston


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Uninhabitable due to MOLD

Residents of the Telluride Apartment Mountain Village complex, a subsidized development, are suffering coughing, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, rashes, wheezing and skin irritation due to mold exposure. Over two dozen impoverished immigrants (including some undocumented) are now homeless due to … Continue reading

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Tips to De-Mold your home.

1) Vacuum–Use a machine that captures dust and does not blow it back into the air. Good vacuums reduce allergen particles, and are asthma and allergy friendly. 2) Air purifiers–Purifiers with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the best option. … Continue reading

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