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Another High School Mold Infested

Yes, mold has invaded the ultimate sanctum. The Library. St. Albans High School Library has visible mold eating the books. 10,060 of them. Apparently while the kids were away, the books had a moist and humid summer. A maintenance crew … Continue reading

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MOLD RESEARCH: Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana

Today’s increasing asthma rates are believed to be related to an increase in environmental exposures such as mold, moisture and other allergens. The Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana (HEAL) Project is a collaborative research project conducted by the Tulane University … Continue reading

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Portsmouth: Mold Behind Another Move

The city Engineering Department has set a date for the Portsmouth Police Department to vacate the property. The entire building is unsafe for employees although the roof has been replaced. Remediation and repairs must be undertaken to handle the mold … Continue reading

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Of Importance to All People Who Breathe

The legal system is full of loopholes, especially involving mold legislation. Now, I don’t know why the loopholes exist, but you know what happens with legal loopholes. (Legal loopholes are like a fisherman’s net with weave too big to catch … Continue reading

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Frame with Dry Clean Building Materials to Avoid Mold

Allegedly built with mold contaminated wood, the new dormitory at the University of California is a potential problem. Davis hired a professional assessor to perform tests which did indicate mold existed in the structure, albeit properly treated. Fearing the mold … Continue reading

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Mold in Hollywood

Can you believe it? Another moldy school. Hollywood Elementary has mold. Not Hollywood California, but in Jackson County. We hear that they have professionals there to figure out where the mold is coming from so they can figure out what … Continue reading

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More School Mold Closures!

Can you believe it? More schools delayed due to mold. The Washington Junior High school day was cancelled when the school flunked its atmosphere test. Mold was found in the gym. Cedar Rapids St. Jude’s Catholic School is also closed … Continue reading

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Mold at Ashbrook High

Mold at Ashbrook High. Sounds like one of those 50s horror movies, right? Ashbrook High is joining that list of schools that has been rushing to get mold cleaned up before classes begin. In fact, they may be working twice … Continue reading

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Take Your Mold Test Results to Your Allergist

Because mold season is sometimes allergy season, you might need to visit your allergist to get rid of the symptoms. Common symptoms for allergy sufferers: Rashes Itchy, watery eyes Itchiness (body) Difficulty breathing Congestion Anaphylaxis If you are suffering from … Continue reading

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Mold Lawsuit in the News

What? Not another Celebrity Lawsuit? The five-bedroom, five-bathroom estate of Rachel Ray in Southampton has mold. In the New York State Supreme Court, Rachel Ray and husband have filed a lawsuit against Amerispec Heritage Home Inspection Service and Joseph Schmitt … Continue reading

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