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Mold Sends Pleasantville Administrator on Leave

Mold forced the closure of Leeds Avenue School last month. Leeds students were bused to other schools in the district so the mold could be removed. Superintendent Dr. Gloria Grantham was put on Administrative leave pending the investigation into the … Continue reading

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Mold Infestation Closes Washtucna P.O.

Mail service in Washtucna Washington has been nonexistent since APRIL when the post office was shut down due to mold contamination. Apparently the people who bought the old post office offered to renovate and lease it back. (One wonders why … Continue reading

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Temple Texas: Mold in Police Headquarters. Lawsuit Follows.

Temple Police Headquarters is infested with mold. The Texas contractors responsible for the development are being sued for negligence and defective workmanship. Faulty installation of the air conditioning system is deemed to be responsible for the mold. If you’re in … Continue reading

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Fort Bragg Families Worry About Contamination

Initial reports rule out mold as the cause of death of 10 Fort Bragg Infants. Tweet

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Dial 1-800-686-1992

When you suspect mold in your home, what can you do? If mold is a problem in your home, you should fix the water problem then clean up the mold. If you have recently been flooded, dry water-damaged areas and … Continue reading

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Mold: The Big Bad List

We saw this list of mold symptoms: asthma, bronchitis, cold, flu, fever, chills, pneumonia, shortness of breath, chronic sinusitis, allergies, loss of appetite, loss of hair, vision and hearing, swollen lymph nodes, irritability, nausea, mood swings, anxiety, depression, personality and … Continue reading

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Brookfield: Beware Mold

Brookfield’s Elmbrook School District administration building has come down with mold. Elmbrook School District Superintendent warns of the possible respiratory problems that may come of mold exposure, so the gym has been closed, and the Facilities Management Department has been … Continue reading

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Flood Yesterday, Mold Today

Just like April showers bring May flowers, summer floods brings fall mold. So it is not surprising that the areas of Omaha that flooded this summer are now working at building an unhealthy crop of mold. Normally mold can be … Continue reading

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Oriole Lane Closed for Mold

TWO MORE school closings due to mold. First Stone Bank near Oconomowoc closed for mold and cleaning crews stayed on the job day and night until the mold was eradicated. Now Oriole Lane Elementary in Mequon has been closed for … Continue reading

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Remediation Project Costs Blast out Budget

The costs of remediating the toxic mold outbreak of a North Andover fire station have skyrocketed, in part due to the trailer rental ( $10,000 for two months, and $3,500 a month thereafter). If the Fire Department continues to be … Continue reading

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