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Why Test for Mold?

1. To establish a baseline for future testing. This allows a mold professional to track and evaluate the progress of mold abatement activities. If the current levels are unknown, it is difficult to establish that progress has been made. 2. … Continue reading

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There’s Mold In Them-Thar Pokonos

A Lackawanna County project funneled stormwater onto some property causing toxic mold and a $4.3 million toxic mold jury verdict. And since that is tied up in court, the court is awarding Teresa Perrini and Theresa Koziell additional compensation because … Continue reading

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Mold in New Orleans Theater

The newly renovated Mahalia Jackson Theater in New Orleans is being tested for mold. The theater is a case study of failures to logically use federal funding. Hence, renovations did not deal with water leaks and mold. Water stains on … Continue reading

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Melting Snow: Growing Mold

Make sure the snow on your rooftop doesn’t melt and give you a spring crop of mold. Do that by controlling water. The snowstorm (just like that mayhem commercial you see on television) may stress out your roof. Keep your … Continue reading

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Mold Shuts Down Richibucto Courthouse

The Department of Supply and Service had the historic courthouse in Richibucto NB closed for an inspection of apparent mold problems. The mold assessment of the mold indicated the problem was worse than expected, as it was widespread, and not … Continue reading

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The Idiopathology of Law

Listen children and I will tell you about something strange and magical: The word, idiopathic. Idiopathic is an adjective describing a disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown. For reasons unknown, many conditions which … Continue reading

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Natural Prevention

Mold occurs naturally, so if you want to control it, you can always control it naturally. Mold spores are in outdoor air. If you want to lessen the quantity of spores in your house, secure your home against drafts, and … Continue reading

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Ice is Mold season

Just because it is winter, do not believe that your house is safe from mold. It is not just frozen pipes you have to worry about. Just remember that melting ice on your roof may cause water seepage, which will … Continue reading

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