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Blogging and the Power of Venting

No one likes to nag. Or at least, no one I know likes to nag. At least I don’t like to nag. But the one and only benefit of the act of nagging is action. It can drive a person … Continue reading

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Mold Raises its Ugly Head in Schools

Check out this online documentation of college mold. Fordham University documents mold spores (Clasosporium, Penicillium, Pithomyces and yeast )in the facilities which are leading to respiratory and other health problems. The EPA provides a Mold in Schools fact sheet if … Continue reading

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Burning Your Moldy Hotel Room NOT RECOMMENDED

We heard about Richard Goodwin, staying at a Phoenix hotel who was unhappy with the water leak and the black mold he was living with there. And while black mold and standing water do tend to pall as roommates, there’s … Continue reading

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Suffolk Claims Dismissed

Mold lawsuits can be difficult to stick. A parent who filed against Suffolk Public Schools because her son suffered medical problems because of school mold has moved the case to federal court. Allegations are that the school knew of the … Continue reading

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The Need for Speed

Water that sits in your home is liable to contribute to mold. That is why speed is of the essence when cleaning up a leak. Dry up the water, and you may well prevent the mold, or at least slow … Continue reading

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