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Did Mold Kill Brittany Murphy?

A new lawsuit asks the question, did mold kill Brittany Murphy? And if so, why didn’t her family’s lawyers inform the family of the potential wrongful death case? If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call … Continue reading

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The Borax Alternative

You may be using bleach to kill mold. There are other options like Borax, which may be preferable because a borax solution does not emit toxic fumes. We just talked about hepa-filtration in your air system. Hopefully you have a … Continue reading

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How Can a AIr Purifier Help this Moldy House?

A problem with mold is that when it is dry, it sends out spores into the air. So how do you get them out of circulation? By filtration, of course. Air purifiers reduce mold spores from the air inside your … Continue reading

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Mold Closures: Seven Generations School

Seven Generations Charter School in Emmaus temporary closing due to mold. The school is located at 154 East Minor St. Closure occurredlast week when mold was pinpointed. Due to the potential health risks mold could cause, school was shut down. … Continue reading

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Castle Acre Community Center Mold Forum

  Military families opportunity share their mold complaints one on one with top Navy officials.Navy Region Mid-Atlantic has failed, resulting in severe problems with Lincoln and the way they handled mold complaints. The Navy is working to assist affected families. … Continue reading

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Mold Comes True Here

Siena condominium complex in Montclair Montclair township council assigned the redevelopment project of the DCH auto dealership property to the developer of the moldy Siena building. But so far, onlymold comes true in Montclair in spit of Siena condo’s slogan, … Continue reading

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Family Evicted from Toxic Mold Rental, Now Homeless

If you’re in California, you might want to give us a call and see about getting an assessment from Byebyemold. Tweet

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Your Moldy Tax Deduction

Did you know that mold might be a tax deduction? No, you can’t claim it as a dependent. Here’s this about that. Mold removal and repair is a tax deductible business expense for landlords and homeowners. Deductibles for the remediation … Continue reading

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Your Moldy House

You may be asking how you can prevent mold. That can be a chore, since mold is everywhere. THere are always spores in the air. There are significantly more during warm and humid weather, and less in the winter. While … Continue reading

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Do you think your Mold is Depressing? Guess what?

A study by epidemiologist Edmond Shenassa has linked mold to depression. Are you surprised? Shenassa found a connection between damp, moldy homes and depression. The results of the investigation were published in American Journal of Public Health. Causative factors include … Continue reading

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