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Mold Victims Rights Association Calls for Attention

The Mold Victims Rights Association has announced that “a family living in the Alliance Residential-managed Gleneagles Apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been exposed to dangerous, health-damaging levels of Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, and Penicillium mold species.” According to a press release, an … Continue reading

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Homeowners Urge NY to Share Sandy Grant

All these months after Sandy’s flooding and damage, many of those affected homes are full of Toxic mold. This is serious problem for many whose homes are all but unliveable. A May 7th conference, Councilman Donovan Richards joined pressed for … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Home to be Torn Down because of Mold

Well, now I’ve seen everything. Mold doesn’t even respect the rich. Donald Trump sold his Palm Beach home and the new buyer is planning to tear it down. Guess why? Mold infestation. The new owner, Dmitri Rybolovlev spent $95 million … Continue reading

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Dry it up, Homeowners, This mold’s on you

ByebyeMold is reminding you that it is time to dry it up. Heavy rains and wet weather is increasing the likelihood of mold. Rainy weather increases the odds of mold. Get rid of the moisture, get rid of the wet … Continue reading

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Avoid the $500,000 Housecleaning

A couple whose Washington townhouse was contaminated with stachybotrys took five years of remediation that equalled the cost of the house. Their remediator told them “I have really bad news for you. This looks like it goes in every direction…I … Continue reading

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Are Health Care Professionals Confirming Mold is a Health Risk?

There’s a group, MOLD TREATMENT CENTERS OF AMERICA, which is creating a certification platform for healthcare providers. Who knows, this may revolutionize the prosecution of landlords or sellers of faulty drywall or other responsible parties by finally defining direct lines … Continue reading

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