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Mold health Concerns

If you have been exposed to high levels of mold, you may wish to be tested by your doctor to see if you are hosting mold. If you have elevated mold levels in your home, you may also have it … Continue reading

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Catching and preventing Indoor Mold Problems

You can help prevent mold with some planning ahead of time. Mold spores travel through the air and when they land on moisture, they grow, and propagate. Indoor mold growth can cause health problems like allergy, asthma attacks and pneumonia, … Continue reading

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Clean your Air-Conditioners to Keep Mold Allergies Away

There is no denying to the fact that air-conditioning makes life easier. Nevertheless, those who live in warm areas know that it can also increase the risk of mold allergies. The leftover moisture inside the units often provide a favorable … Continue reading

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Kane County Coroner Office Closed Following Black Mold Detection

The coroner office for Kane County, Illinois is being temporarily shifted to DuPage County facility, after black mold was detected in and around the morgue’s cooler and refrigerator area. Rob Russell, the Kane County Coroner, said at Friday’s Judicial and … Continue reading

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$70 Million Funding to Address Housing Improvement, Mold Remediation for Tribal Communities

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced a funding of $70 million for improving housing conditions and economic opportunities for tribal communities across the nation. The funding has been announced, through HUD’s Indian Community Development Block Grant … Continue reading

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Mold Infested House Poses Health Threat to Queens Neighbours

Some residents of Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York, have complained that a nearby mold infested house has become a health threat for them. According to them, the house sustained damages due to Superstorm Sandy and has since been left … Continue reading

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Nursing and Fine Arts buildings in Winston-Salem State University Cleared Mold Test

Two old buildings of Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina, have cleared the mold and asbestos tests. The tests were conducted after some complaints were reported regarding possible mold and asbestos contamination in Old Nursing building, built in 1956 and Fine … Continue reading

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Black Mold Found in a Hotel in Covington, Georgia

According to a fire inspection conducted in Covington Lodge, Covington, Georgia, on June 3, many rooms in the hotel are infested with black mold. Tony Smith, a Fire Marshall at the Covington Fire Department said that the inspection was conducted … Continue reading

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Part of School Closed in Saint Lucia due to Mold Infestation

A section of Corinth Secondary School in Saint Lucia, was closed last month due to mold and termite infestation. According to the school officials, the mold and termite infestation was found mostly on the outer walls and the ceiling of … Continue reading

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