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Fire Station loses the Mold Lottery

Toxic mold in El Dorado County caused a fire station to close after heavy rains caused mold to grow in the walls. Firefighters smelled the mold after three weeks of heavy rains. Smelling mold is a key indicator that it … Continue reading

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Toxic mold in UC Santa Cruz Housing

UCSC is going to court for failing to fix the mold problem in a family housing apartment, after a family member developed respiratory infections leading to four hospitalizations. The family believes the apartment’s toxic mold is responsible for the respiratory … Continue reading

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Toxic Mold in Residential Buildings

Byebye Mold performs mold inspections but we do not do remediation. You might want to perform an inspection on a property prior to purchase or sale of realty, or for other legal purposes; or if you are living in an … Continue reading

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Mold Victims Rights Association Calls for Attention

The Mold Victims Rights Association has announced that “a family living in the Alliance Residential-managed Gleneagles Apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been exposed to dangerous, health-damaging levels of Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, and Penicillium mold species.” According to a press release, an … Continue reading

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Mold Lawsuit over negligence and breach of contract of lease

Yorlanda Fisher, Aubrey Hill, Ja’Nyra Walton and Nyshia Walton filed a lawsuit against Huntington Park LLC and its insurer in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Dec. 7 over mold exposure. The apartment they rented had a water leak, … Continue reading

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Mold Lawsuit in Louisiana

On Dec. 4 Veronica P. Dubois-Gaines and Alvin Gaines filed a mold lawsuit against Ernest Joubert Co., Inc. and BK Group, LLC in the Orleans Parish Central District Court for failing to assure the rental premises was hazard free. The … Continue reading

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After a family living at Vista Peak Apartments complained to maintenance about their leaking roof and got no action, a mold inspector contacted the news crew covering the story. Testing occurred after repairs were underway, so that conclusions were, well, … Continue reading

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Mold is a Landlord’s Least Fav Tenant

Landlords have responsibility even though tenants are responsible for general maintenance to the property they are renting. If they are keeping home clean and mold happens anyway, they will be pointing fingers at the landlords. This is because if the … Continue reading

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Does the Villa Cortina complex have a Mold Problem?

Villa Cortina tenant Bethany Anderson attributes her family’s illnesses to mold growing in her apartment. Testing by a private investigator turned up toxic mold. Anderson says “I believed it was mold. There solution was changing my air filter. They’ve now … Continue reading

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Military Housing Built Cheap, Full of Mold

CNN Special Report – Military Mold video exposes a hidden problem: mold growing in military housing that was built cheap and poorly maintained. Tweet

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