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Damp Building Effect

The phrase toxic mold syndrome should be replaced by damp building effect, which refers to a well-documented effect. Mold is certainly part of the picture but doctors can’t always define if it is an allergy, mold toxin, or some other … Continue reading

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Disgusting Issues Caused by Mold

If mold causes allergic reactions, and “blobs of mucus in the throat” watch this video if you’re interested in treating the illness. But if you really want to deal with it, if the cause is an allergy to mold, why … Continue reading

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Mold Allergies on the Rise

According to a national allergy study, allergies are on the rise. The chief increase is two environmental allergens, ragweed and mold. Sensitization rates to mold increased the most of the 11 common allergens evaluated over a four-year period. Mold, as … Continue reading

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