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A Noxious Substance: Mold

Noxious substance Potentially mold can cause health problems. Many of these health problems are due to the fact that mold can be an allergen as well as a toxin and carcinogen. Allergens are the core of allergic reactions. Toxins are … Continue reading

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Clean your Air-Conditioners to Keep Mold Allergies Away

There is no denying to the fact that air-conditioning makes life easier. Nevertheless, those who live in warm areas know that it can also increase the risk of mold allergies. The leftover moisture inside the units often provide a favorable … Continue reading

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When a Hospital gets Sick

Since 1993, MCG hospital has been engaged in full scale warfare against environmental contaminants, going back into its history. Records obtained as part of a lawsuit against MCG Health reveal that employees have complained for years about illnesses that appear … Continue reading

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